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Things to Do in Boise Idaho

Jan 6

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Located in Boise, the largest city in Idaho. The city lies along the Boise River and is the seat of Ada County. It is also a great place for outdoor recreation. With numerous parks, cultural attractions, restaurants, and sports teams, there are plenty of things to do in Boise.

In the early 20th century, agricultural expansion was a major contributor to the rapid growth of Boise. Today, the city is home to many diverse industries, including trucking, wholesale trade, and lumbering. Many of the city's businesses are federally-funded, providing jobs to many people.

Boise is a semi-arid climate, with hot dry summers and moderately cold winters. Temperatures typically range from 90 degF to 100 degF. During the winter, snowfall averages 18 inches. However, there are a few occasions each year when the temperature can dip to 0 degF. One of these was in 1990 when the low was 25 degrees below zero.

The average annual precipitation in Boise is eleven inches. This makes the climate similar to that of the northern Great Basin. Most precipitation occurs between November and May. Aside from the rain, the temperatures are mild in the winter. During the summer, however, temperatures can reach 100 degF.

Boise is a major tourist destination and a popular day-trip from the rest of the country. There are several museums and art galleries, as well as many other fun places to visit. Visitors can take in the many sights and sounds of the Boise River Greenbelt. Several trails are in this area, as are historic sites. You can also visit Zoo Boise.

There are also a few parks in the city, such as Camel's Back Park. This park is at the north end of the city and has playground equipment, tennis courts, and an outdoor gym. Another place to enjoy the natural beauty of the Boise River is the Bonneville Point. From the point, visitors can get a breathtaking view of the river valley.

Boise is also home to a number of cultural attractions, including the Boise Philharmonic and the Boise Art Museum. These venues offer contemporary and traditional art. They also have an outdoor sculpture garden. Some of the best restaurants in Boise are Goldy's Breakfast Bistro, Fresh Off the Hook, and Chandlers Steakhouse.

Boise is also a major center of refugee settlement from countries around the world. Refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and other regions have moved to Boise in recent years.

The city is also home to one of the largest Basque populations in the United States. The Basque people are indigenous to the Pyrenees region of southern France. They are a minority group and account for 15% of the city's population.

Other notable attractions in the city include the Old Idaho Penitentiary and the Idaho State Capitol building. Both are located near the downtown area. Both are full of historical structures and military weaponry. Various tours and cemetery visits are offered at the penitentiary.